Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy birthday, brother!

Today is my brother John's birthday!
We had some pretty wicked weather here tonight, lots of hail and tornado warnings. Our neighborhood got golfball-sized hail, but a lot of the city saw baseball-sized hail. Lots of window knocked out of cars and homes around the city. It left as quickly as it came, though!

I had dinner tonight with Pati, Caryn and Luci while all of the weather commotion took place, and about halfway through dinner Brent called to say he was taking the boys on a bike ride (Sophie was at Awanas). The storm had just started as I walked into the restaurant, so that shows how short-lived the storm was! The boys loved the bike ride, and Sophie loved Awanas.

Not much else to report! (Unless you want to hear about the spider Brent found in the basement tonight, and the frantic search for a new exterminator we're now on...those cats better watch their backs, because they're definitely falling down on the job...)