Monday, September 6, 2010

Pictures of Sophie's birthday

Grandma & Grandpa came down for the day to celebrate Sophie's birthday, and we must have been too busy having fun to take many pictures! Here one Dad took of the birthday girl!

He was really hoping to get a good picture of the three of them behaving on the couch...this is the best he could do. It does give a true reflection of how they really are, though!:

As I mentioned, I borrowed a pan from a friend to make a big cupcake as Sophie's birthday cake. The pan is a Wilton brand, and really high quality. I wondered if their pans were worth the price, and now I'm a believer that they are. The cake is baked in two pieces--the bottom portion is one piece and the top is another. I attached them together with a little frosting, then frosted the top. The whole time I was frosting it, I kept remembering the cake decorating class Melissa and I had planned to take by now...but HAVEN'T yet. I'm needing some lessons! But, Sophie was ecstatic, so I felt like a professional. :-)

Brent put Dad to work, of course--those two always seem to have a project! This weekend Dad welded some pieces of the fence that had come loose, and I think I overheard plans being made to fix some of the damaged siding on the house when the weather cools off. I wish we all lived closer together! Sophie's first question this morning was "Are Grandma & Grandpa coming over??" Awww!! She had a great birthday!!


Christy said...

Awesome job with the cake! Wilton is the best! I took their cake decorating class a few years ago. Good stuff! I have a collection of their decorating products now! :) LOVED the texture you gave the frosting! WTG!