Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dad & Louise's deck

Last week was busy with River Festival activities! We love this time of year in Wichita--so much fun stuff going on for a week. We went to the parade, walked in the River Run, saw Loverboy in concert and walked in the Walkfest. We also had a birthday party and a celebration at school. Full week! I'll post pictures soon of the festivities.

Dad's having his deck covered! They have a great deck with built-in seating, but the huge tree next to the house drops leaves and twigs on it all the time. Here's the first installment of progress pictures. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow and Friday--I know he'd like to see it closer to done before the holiday weekend. Wish we lived closer so we could enjoy it, too!!

P.S., for those keeping track, the "hanging garden" is doing great so far! Our pepper plants and one cherry tomato plant are blooming.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our "garden"

I was inspired to plant a garden this year, and couldn't decide where to put one. I kept hearing about the Topsy Turvy upside-down planters, but they're pretty costly. This is my "version" of upside-down garden containers.

As you can see...they're Dillons reusable sacks! They come with a plastic rectangle to make the bottom a little more sturdy, so I cut an "X" in the bottom of both and fed the plants through. Then we added soil to fill the bags and viola'--upside down planters! We planted 11 bags total, plus 2 small pots of herbs, for about $60 (bags, plants and soil). If it's successful, it will be a super economical garden!! I'll post updates and pictures throughout the summer.

My gardening assistants #1 and #2...Sophie and Blake were more interested in throwing dirt at each other.

Gardening assistant #3...Graham was more interested in his popsicle. :-)

Gardening assistant #4...this squirrel was WAY more interested in the project than assistants 1, 2 & 3! He spent a lot of time checking out the bags.

We planted 11 bags total, plus two small hanging baskets of herbs. We planted tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Wish us luck! I do NOT have a green thumb...Brent got a chuckle out of me literally praying over our "garden." I told him that God's grace is the only way we'll have a fruitful crop. :-)

Video of Sophie and Blake doing a little mudslinging! Press the play button under the picture to hear some sweet laughter.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Parties, Parties, Parties (part 2)!

Our MAPS (Mothers and Preschoolers) "mom", Barbara Jean, hosted a "garden party" for our small group last week, and it was fantastic! Our only responsibility was to wear a hat. The weather was cooler than expected, so the party was moved inside. She had a beautifully decorated table ready for us, and the house was decorated with pots of gerber daisies everywhere!
For dinner we had a delicious "ribbon sandwich" along with a mixed green salad with strawberries and candied pecans. I'd never had a ribbon sandwich before! It was a loaf of bread sliced lengthwise into several slices, and between each slice was a different type of sandwich spread: pimiento cheese, tuna salad, crab salad, chicken salad. Then it was frosted with cream cheese, and when sliced (like a loaf cake), it was a gorgeous layered sandwich! These are roses from her garden decorating it.
For dessert we had individual meringue shells topped with whipped strawberry fluff and hot fudge. Sorry, no picture of that...I must have been too busy eating and gabbing. :-) After dinner we had hot tea in pretty tea cups in the living room. Such a girly evening and SO much fun!!
Here's a picture of our group!
As we were leaving, Barbara Jean gave us each a pot of the gerber daisies to take home. Daisies are my favorite flower. :-) Here's a picture of mine! Pink to match my outfit!

Monday, May 4, 2009


This morning I was getting the kids' breakfast ready while the boys were running around underfoot in the kitchen. Sophie's door was open and she was stirring, but she was still laying in her bed. Blake was in a full panic once I started putting food on the table, worried about his sister not getting breakfast. He started frantically running to her doorway and yelling "Sophie, come on!" then running back to the table. It came out sounding like "Voovie, 'mon!" It was the first time I've heard him say her name, and it melted my heart. He finally seemed at peace once I roused her and brought her to the table. Sweet.

Another funny thing happened last night at the dinner table. I noticed something drop from the sky and a flurry of activity near the front step, and realized it was three mallard ducks. The kids were excited to see them, and were yelling "Duck! Quack! Quack!" A moment later, Brent and I froze in shocked uncomfortable silence when we realized that they baby ducks. Right outside our window. While we were eating dinner. I mentioned three ducks? Two boys, one girl. It felt...WRONG. I'm blushing AGAIN as I write this.

I have more pictures to post of the parties from last week, and of the final "fingerpainting artwork", per Christy's request. I'll get them on here soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Parties, Parties, Parties (part 1)!

Sophie's friend Ellyott celebrated her 3rd birthday last weekend, and the boys were allowed to tag along to the party (even though it was a princess theme!). SUCH a fun party!! We started off doing some finger painting on real canvas boards. Sophie was NOT interested in getting her fingers dirty and chose to paint her masterpiece with a paint brush instead. :-) Elly's mom gave them each an arts & crafts apron with their names painted on!
Next was dinner, and the boys must have been famished. They were the first ones eating and the last ones finished! It was a delicious meal of bratwursts, hamburgers, pasta salad, homemade macaroni and cheese...Jess is an awesome cook! Sophie is sitting next to the birthday girl, Ellyott. Jess had neat princess and Thomas plates and cups for each of the kids to take home with them.
Brent and I took turns feeding the hungry boys cake and ice cream...check out Graham's mouth! HA!!! I told you--these kids take eating seriousy!
Elly opened her presents, and these are the tutus and wings we gave her. The hot pink set goes great with her hot pink cowgirl boots!