Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sophie's first day of preschool!

Today was the big day! The boys and I took Sophie to preschool, and she was convinced that we were staying with her. She got nervous and antsy when I told her we couldn't stay, but once she saw her teachers she ran right in to her classroom and said "Ok, mommy--you can go on! I'll stay here with them!" That was an awesome weight off of my mind--she's such a well-adjusted girl!

Here's the big preschooler in front of the house (like the bow on her shirt?? My handiwork!):

Her big girl backpack! (Embroidered by my friend Laura--cute, eh?!):

At the church in front of the banner. The boys kept trying to hop in all of her pictures, so Sophie let them in this one:

Sophie and Ryan! The best of friends!

She loved preschool! She reported that they went outside, played with friends and had snacks ('wands and candy' she said). She's already looking forward to next week!