Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy GratiTuesday!!!

We're baaaaaaaack!  Lots to catch up on, so we'll start with Thanksgiving and sprinkle a few older items throughout the week.  So many things to be thankful for!  The short list:

  1. Hotels with swimming pools!  We had a great time visiting family over Thanksgiving, and found out what a blessing indoor swimming pools are.  The kids loved, loved, LOVED it!
  2. Laid-back family.  It was so nice to spend some time in a low-key environment to recharge our batteries.  Dad and Louise were the perfect host & hostess! 
  3. Good food.  Louise whipped up a great dinner, Jimmy made an awesome broccoli/rice casserole, and Aunt Darci made some homemade macaroni and cheese that still finds its way into my dreams.  My mouth is watering a little right now, to be honest.
  4. Black Friday shopping!  Louise and I found some great buys on Friday morning, and were back before anyone missed us.
  5. Aunt Judy!  She gave me 2 pairs of shoes and a mess of clothes when we were home!  AWESOME.  I need to start hitting the treadmill again (SOON) so I can fit into some of them.  :-)
  6. Kids that travel well.  They did great in the car, and we didn't have any problems on the road.
A few pics:

Shirts made with their handprints

I think Grandpa was singing.  :-)
Grandpa reading to Graham

Grandma and Blake perusing catalogs

Jimmy & Joshua

Thanksgiving dinner 'kids table'!

Treats for Sophie's preschool class

The boys thought they were chickens!

My cousins Matt & LeAnn

Uncle Leroy & Aunt Judy

At the T-Rex restaurant!  This dinosaur came inches from Brent's head. 
He acted like he was going to kiss it, but that picture didn't come out--drats!