Sunday, September 12, 2010


We're having some issues with nighttime still. I mentioned that Sophie has been waking up around 2:30am to pray, but then she started to just come into our room in the middle of the night. Last night she came in around 11:00pm, so she's getting earlier and earlier! I hear her upstairs now tiptoeing around...she's probably waiting until we get settled in before she strikes again. I have to admit--I love having her there (she calls it a 'slumber party with mama'), but Brent doesn't sleep well when she's in our bed, so he usually goes downstairs and sleeps in the guest room. I feel bad about that, but to be honest, it's cold downstairs and he gets to turn the fan on full-blast...he really does love it down there. I'm doing my best not to make this a habit, though. Sophie's bed is a 'universal bed' that transitions from crib-to-toddler bed-to-full sized bed. Next in the budget is to get her a full sized mattress, box springs & rails, so maybe she'll like it better when it's more of a 'big girl bed'?

We got a good laugh out of Graham sleeping a few nights ago--note that Graham is NOT sleeping on the pillow, but his bear IS. Talk about a sacrifice! He's a great best friend already!


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Love the Pooh bear pic! CUTE! :-)

Hopefully Sophie's nighttime routine gets easier for all of you. Bob can't sleep very well with our kiddos in the bed either...