Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Doughnuts and elephants and salsa...oh my!

The big day started with doughnuts for breakfast (with candles, of course!), then Brent and the boys came to see me at the office for a bit while Sophie was at preschool.  Afterwards, Brent took the kids to the zoo for a Happy Meal picnic lunch!  Apparently the animals were all pretty active--especially the penguins--and the kids loved it.  Sophie kept asking to see the elephants and the giraffes.  They love the zoo so much! 

We took the boys out to dinner for their favorite--chips & salsa!  Kelly, Roger, Becky & Aaron joined us, too!  (Which I'm pretty sure they regret, because...)  See the salsa bowl in front of Sophie?  Shortly after this picture was taken, Graham took a tumble off of his chair.  Before his aerial-back-handspring-with-a-stuck-landing took place, he somehow hit the edge of Sophie's salsa bowl and sent it FLYING.  Half of it went down her face and into her lap, and the other half went ALL over the walls (with some splatters on Becky's white shirt--sorry Becky!).  MUCH CRYING ENSUED.  Sophie was completely appalled because "Brother did this to me!" and Graham was just shocked and startled.  (Blake, however?  Glanced at them and kept eating.  I wish I had a replay of the event!  That might have been the funniest part!)  We joked afterwards that we would never have guessed that the amount of salsa in that small bowl could cover so much ground!  Apparently you CAN paint an entire room with just a quart.

Graham was SO embarrassed (but not hurt, thank goodness!), so we had to get pretty silly to bring him back around.  Sophie was playing in her sour cream, and thought she was grossing us out with it.  We were actually laughing at the finger she was using (she didn't know that, of course...and yes, we really ARE that immature), which made her try even harder to get us messy...

This look is too much (and how did she get sour cream on her forehead?!)!!!
All in all, they had a good birthday!  


Christy said...

TOO funny!! I wish I lived closer!!