Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cotton candy

Cotton candy is a big topic of conversation at our house this week, because we've gone back and forth about renting a cotton candy machine for the kids' birthday party. My friend Laura discovered that you can BUY a small machine from Bed, Bath & Beyond for the same price as the rental of one of the larger machines, so we were ON it. The kids and I went to BB&B today, and--lo and behold--there it was! $39.95! When I picked it up, I wish I could have captured Sophie's reaction for you--"Is that for MEEEE?!?! I love it, I LOVE IT!!" Best reaction EVER.

It looks exactly like the machine pictured below, and there are a few things I can tell you for certain:

  1. The hand pictured here is apparently a Barbie doll hand. This machine is not NEARLY this big.
  2. To get the big, fluffy amount of cotton candy pictured here, they have had this machine running since the FIRST George Bush was in office. I ran it for an hour and was able to get a sparse web on the paper cone...reminiscent of the 'before' comb-over picture from a Hair Club for Men advertisement. Just enough to whet the kids' appetites...then they finally got bored and wandered off to the swingset.
  3. After using this machine, I feel like I stood in a sandstorm. I have more pink sugar granules stuck to me than you would believe!

It's a cute little machine, but more trouble than it's worth. Sooooooo, we'll be renting one of the industrial machines tomorrow and see if we can spin it like the carnies do. :-) Pictures to follow!