Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Annie Banannie's Consignment Sale!

It's time for my friend Annie's consignment sale for kids' clothing and equipment!  Annie is one of the most detail-oriented people I know (and one of the friendliest!), which means she's PERFECT for this line of work.  You can sell kids' clothes, shoes, toys, strollers, high chairs, etc, etc, etc.

The sale is next Friday/Saturday (October 15 & 16), so there's plenty of time to get your items together for the sale.  For more details or to register, go to:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Happy GratiTuesday!  This week we're thankful for:

  1. Our friend Patti had knee replacement surgery last week and is doing great!  We need to get over and see her soon.
  2. Caryn started picking up Sophie for preschool this morning, and will be our Tuesday 'lifesaver' while I'm still working Tuesdays.  Sophie loves riding with Ryan!  You're the BEST, Caryn.
  3. My friend Annie invited us to El Dorado Lake's fun day last weekend, and the kids loved it!  (Despite Mommy's poor wardrobe choices that morning...once it warmed up a little, we had a blast!)  They fished (Blake was thrilled--he kept saying "I caught a WORM!  Look--I caught a worm!"  We need to get them some fishing poles and take them to the park).
  4. Brent's car has been making a horrible rumbling noise when taking sharp turns for a while now.  We've been putting off taking it to a repair shop for fear of the unknown ($$$), and I finally Googled it hoping to get an idea.  The forum I stumbled into said the rear differential fluid needed to be changed, so we got some fluid from Honda and Brent changed it himself.  It worked beautifully--no more noise!!  What could have been an expensive trip to the service shop ended up costing about $30.  Brent's so handy.  :-)
  5. We have a new sitter for the kids, and she's working out BEAUTIFULLY!  This has been such a source of stress for us--I'm hoping things continue to go smoothly.
  6. My friend Christy came to town and the kids and I got to spend the day with her on Sunday!  I just realized that I didn't take ANY pictures that day...what was I thinking??  Christy is awesome with kids, and brought fun stickers for them to make Halloween pictures.  She was also very encouraging when Graham used his "S" and "L" sounds well, so it helped reinforce his hard work (Christy's a speech pathologist).
  7. Sophie had school pictures today, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how they turned out!  She has a genuine smile in them. 
The only thing that would make this week better is if we could get rid of the allergies that are plaguing us right now...but I guess that leads me to our final thing to be grateful for this week:

    8.   Allergy medicine!!