Monday, September 13, 2010

Watermelon (& furry friends)

TV is our (my??) nemesis around here. The kids choose TV over almost anything, and it's making me crazy. Tonight I was bound and determined to get them out of the house for a while, and remembered this sign near our house:

Dirt! Plants! Perfect for kids! When we pulled in the drive, we were met by a sweet older couple who talked with the kids and helped us pick a good watermelon from the flatbed in their driveway. The kids wandered around and played in the dirt for a while, but it was close to supper time and we didn't want to overstay our welcome. We hopped back in the car and went for a drive in the country. The kids love to look at animals, and we found plenty of cows and horses to keep their interest (Sophie SWEARS she saw an elephant.) I'd love to find someone who sells farm fresh eggs, and show the kids the chicken coops. I wish we had some land--we'd definitely have chickens!

Then we came home, played on the trampoline for quite a while (their little heads were so hot and sweaty, and they were giggling like crazy--THAT'S what I want to see from active kids!), then they took baths. I finally took the final tape off of Blake's incision, and it looks good. We see the doctor for a follow up soon, and I think she'll be pleased.

[On a very somber note, my friends Melissa, Sue & Kelly are on my heart tonight--it's been a hard month for furry loved ones. Melissa had to put her cat, Jezzie, to sleep a few weeks ago, and then her mom Sue's cat, Missy, to sleep Friday. Today Kelly had to put her dachshund, Abby, to sleep. All of them were GREAT pets and will be sadly missed. My friends are all great pet mommies, and my heart breaks for them. Heaven is a greater place with Jezzie, Missy & Abby in it. I'm so sorry for your losses, girls.]


Jennifer Gragg said...

My in-laws live near Valley Center & have 17 chickens (I think). They'd love to have you & the kids out some evening! And I know they've usually got some extra eggs they'd be happy to send home with ya!

Jen said...

What a fun day for you & the kiddos! I tend to take the boys home the long way over the dam on the way home from Story Hours on Tuesday's! :-) They like to look at the water and Camden loves to find the BUOYS! :0)