Friday, September 3, 2010

LeAnn & Laundromats

Today is my cousin LeAnn's birthday!


What did the boys and I do while Sophie was at preschool yesterday? We went to the laundromat. I needed to wash the big comforter because the cat got sick on it (which made me threaten to put her into kitty foster care, but I later decided that she's worth her weight in gold--story in a minute). A new laundromat was built near my office recently, so we took the comforter there. This place is incredible! They have two Little Tikes playgrounds (pictured below), WiFi, at least 6 big flat screen TVs on the walls, a small lounge area with a couch and bar tables, it's super clean and it's HUGE! More washers/dryers than I've ever seen. The boys had a blast! Where were laundromats like this when I needed them on a weekly basis??

Now for the value of our cats... The babysitter said she saw a 'big' (her word, not mine) spider downstairs recently but couldn't catch it. (She told Brent about it, and he begged her not to tell me.) She found another one (maybe the same one??) on Wednesday and caught/killed it, so she thought it was safe to tell me so I could talk to the exterminator (we just had him here to spray a couple of weeks ago). Well...tonight the cats had another 'big' (my word now) one cornered in the kitchen. So now I'm thinking that I'll deal with washing the comforter every now and then as long as they continue to patrol for spiders. (But I'm still calling the exterminator again tomorrow--this place can glow with toxicity if necessary, but get the spiders out of here!!) I feel like things are crawling on me right now...sorry if reading this is doing the same thing to you...


Leann said...

Thank you and miss you bunches