Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shots for Sophie

It was time for Sophie's 4-year vaccinations, so we went before school this morning to get them. Bless her heart, it was traumatic for her! She loves going to the doctor, but I'm guessing she'll be a little gun-shy after today. She got 3 injections, one in her right thigh and two in her left. She yelped so loud, then started crying so hard that no sound came out. It was heartbreaking! I always thought the baby stage was the hardest with shots, but now I think it's this age--she's old enough to realize the pain was inflicted intentionally, but young enough to not understand the reason. She did NOT want to go to school after that, she kept whimpering "I need to go home and go to bed...I need to go home and see brothers..." I ended up keeping her home from preschool (since we'd missed a good portion of it, anyway), and she went to Graham's speech therapy appointment with the boys and I instead. She took a good nap afterwards and seemed fine. She went to church tonight and was fine except for the tenderness in her legs, then when we got home and I changed her into her PJs, she started shivering. I took her temperature and it's 102.5. Eek! The doctor said it's ok and to give her some ibuprofen through the night to keep the temperature down. Bless her heart!

Tonight was the kickoff for the new FPU/Dave Ramsey class! We have almost 60 people signed up for it--I'm so excited! His message is so good, and he delivers it with such humor. I'm excited to get to know everyone and start celebrating their successes!