Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GratiWednesday & a 'September blog challenge'

I'm letting the blogging slip again! I'm challenging myself to blog every day in September, and if you're a blogger, I extend the same challenge to you. Happy September 1st!

This week we have a LOT to be thankful for:
  1. Our friend Karie who rescued me last week when our babysitter called in sick. She ran over from her kids' bus stop to watch our kids until Brent could get home. Friends you can call at the crack of dawn are the real deal!!!

  2. Our sitter Becky who covered that same afternoon so I could leave work to take Blake to his surgeon appointment. (Called her at the crack of dawn, too!)

  3. The staff at Wesley Hospital for being so nice to us when Blake was having surgery for a hernia repair.

  4. Kelly for going to the hospital with me and calming my nerves while Blake was in surgery.

  5. Our neighbor Lucille for making us a huge chocolate sheet cake, a pan of mac-n-cheese, chicken croissants and ice cream cups for the kids. Yum!

  6. My cell phone pooped out, and my friends Laura and Shannon came to my rescue! It's a perfect picture of 'old & new friends'--I've known Shannon since grade school, and Laura is one of my newest friends. They are both priceless. Shannon's phone arrived in the mail today, and Brent is upstairs setting it up for me as I blog. Kudos for him being so good at that sort of thing!

  7. I had a Pampered Chef party to celebrate my friend Caryn's new business, and we had a great turnout of ladies to show their support. It was fun (& yummy!), and Caryn is on her way to being a top-notch consultant.

  8. My boss might be the best thing ever. I had to be off work quite a bit this week for Blake's surgery and appointments, and my boss has been so flexible with me.

  9. Sophie met her preschool teachers last night, and they are both so warm! Sophie had a top-notch FIT before we left, and was adamant that she was NOT going to 'playschool'. The staff and teachers were all so kind and fun that it was hard to get her to leave!

  10. Roger, Becky & Aaron watched the boys while Sophie and I were at the preschool. We walked in and Aaron was playing ABCs on his guitar for them!

Now for some pictures of Blake on surgery day:

Playing in the play room before surgery--

Reading a Nemo book he borrowed the sweet nurse--

Still reading the book, but he was noticably 'loopy' from the medication they gave him before surgery. This was the most comical part of the day!!

When we got home, I had him arranged in our room to recover for the day. Sophie insisted on making lunch for him, so she took him a PB&J sandwich cut into dinosaur shapes, grapes and Goldfish crackers. SUCH a sweet big sister.

He's healing well, but complains of discomfort sometimes. I'm hoping by the weekend he'll be feeling more comfortable. What a little trooper!!