Sunday, August 2, 2009


The strangest thing happened this morning. The boys woke up early, as usual, and as I was getting them out of bed Sophie stumbled into the room in a half-awake state. I took her to the potty, and as she was rubbing her eyes trying to wake up, she looked up toward the ceiling with a surprised look on her face like something startled her. She said "Oh, Mommy! It's a birthday!" then reached toward the celing for something. I looked up expecting to see a moth or a spider on the ceiling, but just saw the ceiling. Sophie whispered "I can't reach it, Mommy. It's a birthday!" then went back to rubbing her eyes and waking up.

I thought she must be dreaming or sleep-walking until I relayed that story to my dad tonight. Moments later, he e-mailed me a picture of a gravestone. Today would have been my mom's 65th birthday. I had it in my head that her birthday was later this week. When Sophie mentioned a birthday, I chuckled and said "Lord, if today was the 4th, you'd have me a little freaked out!" Needless to say, He has me a little awe-struck.

As a Christian, I fully believe that Sophie saw something this morning. I'm not sure what, but I believe it.

Happy birthday, Mom.


carridawn said...

Wow! That is an incredible story! Brought tears to my eyes - today has been a sad day and needed to be reminded that this life is temporary. Our HOME AWAITS! Thank you!

Christy said...


Jen said...

Goosebumps indeed.

Jennifer Gragg said...

Yeah, that would give me goosebumps for sure! Wow. I read a book once about how kids see things we can't see as adults; that we loose that ability to really see as we age. Sometimes I believe it.