Friday, August 14, 2009

Bye Bye Stroller, Hello Bronchitis!

We sold our triple stroller on eBay last week to a buyer from Arkansas. As part of the purchase, she negotiated that we meet her in Tulsa with it. No problem--she paid full price for it (eBay now has a "Best Offer" option, so we priced it a little high thinking we'd have to come down on the price) and we thought we'd take advantage of the day to have some out-of-town fun with the kiddos.

I woke up knowing I shouldn't go because my cold felt like it was settling in my chest. I took some medicine and figured I'd be in the car all day not lifting a finger, so why not go? We ordered a carryout pizza from a place Brent's company has been printing ads for ("Hungrie Howie's Pizza")--Brent, being a pizza afficianado, had been staring at these ads for weeks and was dying to try one. We took it to a park and let the kids run around for a while while we ate...the pizza was pretty good! I think he was pleased with the lunch choice!

We met the lady to deliver the stroller at a local mall, then took the kids inside to play in their indoor play area. GREAT play area! They had a BLAST. We needed to get on the road early, though, because we had sitters lined up for the evening so I could take Brent out for his upcoming birthday.

After we loaded the kids up in the car, I had what I can only describe (secondhand) as an asthma attack. It felt like I couldn't get enough air into my lungs and my chest was on fire. I didn't want to go to a doctor in Tulsa, so we headed home--canceling Brent's birthday plans en route. I went to the Urgent Care when we got to Wichita, and they confirmed that I have a bad case of bronchitis. Ick! I'm on antibiotics and doing breathing treatments every four hours. I'm feeling a lot better tonight, but don't have much of a voice yet. What was supposed to be a fun day/evening turned into a total bust! Boo! Poor Brent! We'll have to re-schedule his birthday dinner & movie for next week.

I wonder if God planted all of the cold/flu stuff to keep my mind off of the stroller delivery. I've been having an awful time with selling the stroller--it's like the end of the baby era around here! I wanted to cry when the lady bought it, and silently wished that it wouldn't sell. I was afraid I'd cry when we handed it off to her, but I was too preoccupied by my burning lungs to think about it. I'm trying to look at the excitement of the next phase of parenting, though...the kids are getting more fun every day. No more bulky triple stroller to worry about lugging around. Looking on the bright side...looking on the bright side...looking on the bright side... Why am I still so sad?!?!


Christy said...

Sorry to hear about your lungs... I understand that feeling tho! REST REST REST! (Then call me when you're better so we can talk about the Twilight books!) ;-) Love u! Get Well Soon!

Jen said...

So do you still have a double stroller for the boys or how do you do outings where a shopping cart isn't available?