Friday, August 7, 2009

Pigs and Vampires

I borrowed the Twilight book series from a friend, and I am HOOKED. I flew through the first book, and have to put the second book in line behind one I borrowed from the library. If the library book ("Story Sisters" by Alice Hoffman) hadn't come so highly recommended and had so many people in line for it, I would consider returning it and jumping right into the second Twilight book. Needless to say, I'm staying up way too late reading!

The kids are equally hooked on the movie "Charlotte's Web." It's not animated, so a REAL (and sometimes computer generated) spider stars in most of the movie. You know how fond I am of spiders, so it's a labor of love to sit and watch it with them. Brent says "I can't BELIEVE Mommy is watching this!" He's a tough guy and watches it with them to give me a break. Here's a picture of them tonight watching it.

Speaking of vampires, Blake has developed a biting problem. Only with his brother and sister, though--he hasn't bitten any of the kids at church (thank God!!). Here's his latest chomp on Sophie. Eek!