Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday!

So much to be thankful for this week:

1. Brent's company won a $300 Million lawsuit against News America this week. Hopefully that means that the marketing team can get out and sell, sell, sell advertising pages and Brent's schedule will even out a little bit. (Plus, if Valassis stock would increase a little, that would be great, too!)

2. Cooler weather! Not only is our air conditioner happy, we're happy since we've been hanging out in the garage pricing garage sale items after the kids go to bed. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a nice day on Thursday!

3. Are you ready for Brent's big excitement? He is almost beside himself that the "Fast and Furious" movie is being released today. He went to WalMart after midnight (in the wee hours of the morning today) to pick it up. Let me try and muster up some excitement here...ummmm...yippee?? Uhhhh...can't wait for popcorn and movie night?? Wait--popcorn AND Junior Mints?! Now I AM excited. (In his defense, I not only force him to watch "Evita" with me, but I SING EVERY WORD OF IT. I probably need to just watch Fast and Furious and keep my mouth shut. His day's coming.)


Christy said...

Is there something special about this Fast and Furious release? I thought it already was out on DVD???

The five of us: Brent, Jennifer, Sophie, Blake & Graham said...

Apparently the first movie was "THE Fast and THE Furious." This movie is just "Fast and Furious." (It's the fourth in the series.)

Don't get me on my soapbox about the stupidity of naming a movie almost the exact same name as the previous one. THAT should tell you how fabulous the writers of the movie are. Writer's block when coming up with the NAME?? Give me a break!!

carridawn said...

We need to have MOVIE NIGHT!! Guys watching the movie, girls in another room socializing, kids with someone else = FUN TIMES! ;)
Let's plan it!
Until then, happy movie watching!

Jen said...

Those movies never did appeal to me, I can proudly say I have never seen ANY of them! Guys just like the cars...LOL!