Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday...a day late!

I seem to be running a day behind this week! So much to be thankful for on this "GratiWednesday."

  1. We had a great garage sale last week!
  2. My walking partner. Without having someone to meet up with a few times each week, I probably wouldn't find the time to get a good walk scheduled in. It's nice to have someone who walks AND talks as fast as I do. I love the great conversation!
  3. I was able to get some table space for the Women's Open House at our church so I can get the word out about the upcoming Dave Ramsey class. (Class starts September 13th--join us!!) A gentleman from Dave Ramsey's office called last week and offered to send two of Dave's latest books for me to give away at my upcoming talk for MAPS, and I almost did a backflip.
  4. Sophie is going all night without a diaper! She is a potty trained superstar!
  5. My MAPS mom's neighbor owns a painting company, and she asked his advice on paint for my kitchen. She told him about our Dave Ramsey challenge of doing it as inexpensively as we could, and wanted to get his input on paint brands, etc. He was so excited about us taking the Dave Ramsey class that he insisted on buying two gallons of paint for us to get started on our project. Isn't that amazing?! I am over the moon about his generosity! He told me to stop at the Sherwin Williams store by our house, and sure enough--there were two gallons of a beautiful taupe paint waiting for me. Praise God! Brent and I are so excited to get to a point where we can do things like that for other people--generosity is so contagious! It really motivates us to stay focused on our path.

More soon, and I promise that the next post will include pictures of the kids!


Jennifer Gragg said...

That's awesome Jen! I'm excited to learn more about this class. Guess I'll see ya at the open house!

Jen said...

Sweet deal! Every year at Christmas time when I go to Starbucks drive thru(after it happened to me one year) I will buy the guy behind me's drinks. It's so contagious, you are right!!

carridawn said...

That is awesome!! God is such a wonderful provider! Need to have a painting party now ;)

itsgirl - Cammy Todd said...

We are huge Dave Ramsey fans! Are you teaching a FPU class at Westlink? We took it this past winter/spring at another church.

I'm excited you are giving a talk at MAPS about it. Let me know if you need anything! We, too, can't wait to get to Baby Step #7. God has blessed us through the first through steps over the past 18 months.