Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy GratiTuesday & "This Week in Pictures"

Happy GratiTuesday! It's been a busy week of celebrating Easter and enjoying the beautiful weather. This week we're thankful for:

  1. A schedule is coming together perfectly for our new (Dave Ramsey) Financial Peace University class that will be held at the church this summer. The course is designed to fit into a 2-hour timeslot, but the church had been trying to squeeze it into 75 minutes. I'm excited to report that we'll be scheduling a full 2 hours this summer!
  2. This gorgeous weather we've had lately! The flowers and trees are amazing.
  3. Aunt Kelly for spoiling the kids rotten (yet again!) with fabulous Easter baskets.


Now for pictures of the week!

We celebrated our friend Caleb's 1st birthday this weekend with a pizza lunch and Easter egg hunt. Caleb's big brother, Ryan (3) is the second one in the picture:

Caryn, Caleb & Ryan hunting eggs:

Blake, Sophie and Graham hunting eggs:

Kelly with the kids--the boys are wearing their new Toy Story shirts she got them, along with their bunny ears. Their baskets were full of candy, stuffed animals, wind-up toys, tattoos & cotton candy!


Now, hold onto your hats...I gave the boys a haircut this weekend! Remember how sweet they looked with their longer hair?

Here they are now...looking like little toughguys! They were supposed to be mohawks, but kind of ended up in a "high & tight" military fashion. Brent loves it, and I'm kind of on the fence about it. They look too big boy-ish to me! Any opinions??

In fact, here's a better picture of the cut--Graham is trying his hardest to chew his way through the wrapper of a "carrot" full of Reese's Pieces. The haircuts have as much attitude as his facial expression in this picture!


Jen said...

I'm personally a fan of the mohawks...:-) But it does make them look a lot older. *sniff*