Friday, April 23, 2010

Brent's yard hobby

Meet Brent's nemesis:

He's been slowly and methodically combing the lawn for the past few weeks armed with weed killer, trying to stay on top of the dandelions. Last night we took the kids on a walk, and Sophie wanted one of the "flowers" in someone else's yard. I picked them each a dandelion, and I could sense Brent's anxiety level increase. The SECOND we got back onto our property, he said "Ok kids, give me the flowers..." and they went into the trash. Ha! He's a die hard on the anti-dandelion front! This is serious business. It's paying off, though--the yard looks awesome!

Blake's spirits are improving. He's keeping his distance from Graham and Sophie, but watches them with a big smile while they play. He's been sleeping on his stomach, and is able to use his right arm a lot more than he has been. We got him a smaller sling from a medical supply place yesterday, and it's made a big difference. (Plus, it has dinosaurs on it, which instantly brought smiles to Blake --and jealousy from brother and sister!)

This weekend will be a challenge since he'll be in nursery at church on Saturday night and Sunday morning...we might have to make other arrangements for him...


Mendy said...

So...if I happen to drive by your house I'm guessing it would be a bad thing if I took one of those white dandelions and blew it across your lawn?

Don't worry Brent I live far far away!

Christy said...


Jen said...

My kids LOVE the white most kids do i suppose! LOL!