Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I was scanning through the newspaper this afternoon, and my eyes were drawn to my horoscope for the day:

HAAAAAAA!!! How perfectly appropriate!!! Whooo, it gave me a much-needed laugh. I suppose "Out and about" means I should take them on a long wagon ride tonight to enjoy the fresh air.

Blake goes back to the doctor in the morning for follow-up x-rays. The appointment got moved up a few days because when he stands, his right shoulder is significantly lower than the left. I'm hoping that's normal with this type of break, but if it's not I want the doctor to see it before the bone heals in that position.

He's obviously in a lot of pain still, and cries quite a bit. Poor little guy, he just wants to be held all the time. Luckily, Brent and I are both off tomorrow and our entire day's agenda is to "hold Blake" and "wear the other two out so they leave Blake alone." :-)