Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Happy GratiTuesday! This week we're thankful for:

  1. The nurse in the ER that let Blake use her iPhone to watch VeggieTales videos while we were waiting for his x-rays. (Remember my post about wanting a phone that only made calls, and how I didn't need a smartphone? She converted me to a smartphone believer.)
  2. My friend Caryn won a limo ride and offered to give it to us after the horrid week we had last week. How sweet is THAT?! We declined, though, since the restaurant I'd want to go to in a limo isn't exactly within our Dave Ramsey budget. :-) Someday!
  3. Our sitters who have taken such good care of Blake this week, and given him so much TLC.
  4. The latest Dave Ramsey class came to an end last Sunday, and the new one begins next Wednesday. I'm excited for the new class and the new format! It's like the first day of school...I might go sharpen some pencils to celebrate.
  5. My medical tests all came back normal! The only problems they found is that I'm deficient in iron and vitamin D. If you haven't done it already, I encourage you to have your vitamin D level checked--the more I read about it, most Americans are deficient and it's linked to increased risks of some types of cancers. It's easy to correct, too, so it's worth checking into! Doctors typically don't check for it unless you ask, so be sure to mention it! (That's my public health announcement for the day.)


Christy said...

Yay to your test results!!!

I think you should've taken the limo ride and did a drive-thru at McDonalds! HAHAHAHAHA

Smart phones don't fall in your Davey budget. Expensive monthly fees... :(

Jennifer Gragg said...

Nothing really to say, but I just love reading your posts. :-) You're fabulous Jen!