Monday, April 12, 2010


The title of this post should be a pretty clear indication of the creativity of the post itself--if I can't come up with an interesting title, I must not have anything interesting to blog about. So...I'll just chat about nothing in particular.

Kelly and I took the kids to the zoo on Saturday for a picnic lunch. We went to the petting farm area and the kids fed the sheep and goats (side note: Speaking of farms, Kelly has three dogs and Sophie calls her house "Kelly's Farm"). A goat ate my dress once at a petting zoo, so I'm personally leery of goats. I pretty much stood behind Kelly and handed pellet food to the kids. After that, we caught the feeding time for the giraffes and Kelly took Sophie up on the platform to feed them. Apparently the giraffe thought Sophie's hairbow was part of the meal, and it gently wrapped its tongue around the bow and part of Sophie's hair. Ewww! Giraffe slobber!

The boys acted so tired on the drive home, but didn't take a nap that day. Then, Sunday after spending the morning in the church nursery playing hard, they came home and played outside again. No naps that day, either. Therefore, I've come to a conclusion: Our boys are solar-powered.

That's about it around here...


Christy said...

solar powered... ROFL