Thursday, April 8, 2010

Haircuts, part deux

Peer pressure. I thought it was just for teenagers.

I talked to my dad today, who was FAR less than enthusiastic about his grandsons' new haircuts. So...out came the clippers and the 'faux hawks' are gone:

In my defense (so you don't think I'm a big pansy who does everything her dad says to do), I've been on the fence about the mohawks from the beginning. Today the kids wanted to apply the tattoos from Aunt Kelly's Easter baskets, and the sight of the boys with mohawks AND tattoos covering their arms pushed me off the fence.

However, I'm going to change the name of this incident from "peer pressure" to "pa pressure" (hee hee...chuckle...snort...).

Happy, Grandpa??? Please send these poor bald babies some ballcaps.


Mendy said...

I call my dad's pa-pressure "guilt trips!" He is a pro and I am helpless against them! I laugh at myself that I am almost 40 and still cave. We are so much alike! BTW...I thought both haircuts were/are cute! My dad says the only difference between a good haircut and bad one is....."two weeks!" More dad-isms for you!