Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

I hope you have fabulous New Year's Eve plans! We will most likely ring in the new year pretending to be rock stars while playing Rock Band 2! :-) (Have I mentioned how addictive that game is??) We might even get wild and crazy and go rent a movie or something. We live on the edge, you know! Ha!

I worked half of a day today and came home to a very "lavender-smelling" home. Apparently Sophie tried to "wash" the boys' hair with Johnson & Johnson's bedtime lotion. Brent had to wash their hair in the sink!

Brent is now off to an eye doctor and to see the ear, nose & throat doctor...we're trying to cram everything in at the last minute before our insurance deductible resets! The kids and I are entertaining ourselves until he gets home. They asked for capes so they could "fly", so here's their makeshift capes. Sophie and Blake are wearing scarves and Graham has a tea towel. Ha!!

Totally off topic, I posted this information on Facebook and have gotten a great response from friends who have found "lost" money through the Kansas Treasurer's website. Follow this link and search for your name. We "found" a $9.33 check payable to Brent from a Godfather's pizza job he had in the 1980s!! We filled out the form and the KS Treasurer's office sent us the check. Too fun! There's no charge for the service. I've had several friends find money on there, the latest found $1,000 from an old retirement fund. Check it out!!



Jen said...

I did that a couple of years ago and found over a $100 bucks from one of my old jobs in Virginia! :-)