Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santas, Santas everywhere

The kids are having so much fun with Christmas gifts already! Melissa came over on Tuesday with a tower of gifts for the kids--they got a tower of blocks, an Elmo See 'n Say and a magnetic puzzle (that has a magnetic "fishing pole" that you pick up the pieces with). They are nuts about them!

Wednesday they (and I!!) were feeling loved by the sitters...Leslie got them this great toy that spins and plays music. The kids are supposed to jump over it as it turns--I hadn't ever seen one of these before! She said she needed to give them a toy that would burn off some of this excess energy--ha!! (Why hadn't I thought of this?!) Have I mentioned that we have the greatest babysitters??

Wednesday night Becky brought gifts in the cutest bags ever! The kids each got a long-sleeved shirt and a super-cute sweatshirt jacket. Sophie's jacket is fur-lined, and is SO soft! Blake was hysterical when he opened his--he pulled the jacket out and said "so cute!". Ha!!! There was even a bag for ME that had Bath & Body Works lotion/shower gel (in "Twilight Woods" scent--AWESOME) and a pair of the softest socks (that have shea butter in them). I'm wearing them right now and looooooving them. I also put the lotion on after my bath, so I smell delightful, too. :-) Yes, it's GOOD to be me! AGAIN, have I mentioned that we have the greatest babysitters?? :-)

The kids decorated birthday cakes for Jesus tonight! I thought you might like to check out a video of them in action--they had a ball doing it, but I think they might have eaten more frosting than they used!

I know this post is getting long, but an AMAZING thing happened this afternoon. The doorbell rang and a young man was carrying two huge bags of goodies--he said he was being a delivery man for someone who wanted to be our "Secret Santa." After I stood there speechless with my jaw on the floor, I took the bags from him and noticed that this note was enclosed. It reads: "Yes, Brent & Jennifer, there really is a Santa Clause, and, I too, worship Christ! Kisses & Hugs, Santa." Inside is a $100 bill. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! I had to stumble over my pride for a minute (then burst into tears for another minute), but realized that this is obviously someone who really cares about us. As you know, I've been giving talks at churches about this frugal lifestyle that we've chosen to live for the next several years, and I can't help thinking that it's someone who heard that message, too. The gentleman said that the person wanted to remain anonymous. Again, HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! God willing, I can't wait to get a little farther in this Dave Ramsey lifestyle so we can be doing this for other families in future years. Awesome!!! Praise God!!! If I knew who it was I'd probably smother them with hugs, so it's probably safer for them that I don't know who they are. :-) Ha!!

Kelly and Roger came over tonight and spoiled the kids rotten (of course!)--I'll post those pictures tomorrow!


Christy said...

How AWESOME is that?! :-) You did have a GREAT Christmas!

Christy said...

p.s.... re: Twilight Woods... I just discovered that scent right before school let out for break! Melissa (the one you met at New Moon) got some as a gift and I tried it ... OH MY! I ordered some online and got it right before Christmas eve! I LOVE IT TOO! :)