Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday (a day late!)

I started working 4 days per week last week, so my Tuesday schedule has changed a bit. I'm getting into the groove of working the extra day, but bear with my sporatic blog posting for a bit!

Things we're grateful for this week:

  1. Brent had a good review this week at work! It's not time for raises yet, so there was no monetary reward, but the encouraging feedback from his boss was as good as money. It was nice to see him with a little spring in his step!
  2. My friend from church treated me to lunch last week, and it was so timely. I was really struggling with the decision to start working an extra day, and she helped me sort it out.
  3. I really believe that being offered this extra day at work is a blessing, but it's SO hard being away from the kids. I'm grateful to have a job that's close to home and has a relaxed atmosphere. Hopefully this extra day at work will help us on our Dave Ramsey debt payoff plan!
  4. On top of number 2, we are continually grateful for the sitters that come to our home to watch the kids. Having them there relieves me a little of the mommy guilt that comes along with working more, because I know that the kids are really loved by the sitters and they get a lot of personal attention from them. If the kids were at a daycare facility, I'm afraid my stress level would skyrocket.
  5. Brent and Kelly for running errands for me while I was sick at home with three sick kids.
  6. Karie for filling in for an open sitter spot at the last minute!
  7. Caryn for taking care of me again--we had a MAPS Christmas party last night and I didn't have a scarf for the scarf exchanged. Caryn saved the day with the perfect scarf, wrapped in a bag and everything!
  8. For my dad, who knows that timing is everything.