Sunday, December 27, 2009

As you've seen, this was a great Christmas for clothes for the kids! These shirts are from Uncle John and Aunt Amy in Memphis. Aren't these adorable??

I've heard that monogramming is the equivalent of a Southern girl's tattoo--which means that I should have been born Southern! I'd monogram EVERYTHING if I had the ability. When Brent and I were in South Carolina several years ago, all of the ladies had everything monogrammed--their purses, shoes, keychains, jackets...CUTE, CUTE, CUTE. Maybe I can get connected with someone who has an embroidery machine and work out some kind of deal??

Last night at dinner Graham was entertaining the other two with his antics. I had to snap a quick video of it, because it's funny to see what makes toddlers laugh.
Grandma and Grandpa gave Sophie a tea set, and she was hosting a tea party in Bunny's honor (see Bunny in the high chair in the lower left corner of the photo). She was the best hostess and kept offering Bunny more tea and pastries. I need to get some fun hats, gloves and scarves for her to wear when hosting tea parties. Cute!
Sadly, about 30 seconds after I took this picture, the boys came in and ransacked the party--they were on the plastic pastries like a pack of wild dogs. "Tea" (water) was everywhere...sigh...sometimes I feel bad for poor Sophie--it's tough being a girl with two little brothers!