Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Welcome to the first post on our new blog! We seem to blink and a month goes by, so we hope to keep everyone up to date with pictures and weekly "happenings" through this blog. Free time comes at odd hours for us, so this seemed like the best option for updates! We hope you enjoy!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and Brent is working. They're having Super Bowl munchies at his office today--maybe this would be a good day for us to visit Daddy at work?! The twins are in "touchdown" football outfits today. Sophie, Blake, Graham and I ran some errands this afternoon, and now all three of them are napping. The game starts soon, and I'm sure we'll have it on to watch the commercials. The boys LOVE watching TV, but Sophie isn't interested at all. Is this proof of male/female pre-programming??

Sophie has become quite the little helper with the boys--she loves trying to give them their bottles. This picture is of her giving Graham his bottle, she and I had already fed Blake. It usually ends with the boys being covered in milk, but she's so proud of herself! Yesteday she picked up Graham's hand and kissed it. Awww!! She sings to the boys all the time. I think she likes that they're so interactive now--they watch her every move (partially out of fear and self-preservation I'm guessing?).

The boys are rolling over from their backs to their tummies! They're really trying hard to figure out how to roll back over, though--they get so mad that they're stuck on their tummies! We spend a lot of time rescuing them and rolling them back over. If they're laying next to each other, they grab at each other's arms and heads and try to log-roll right over each other. It's like a human obstacle course! They've also just started laughing. They've been smiling and squealing for a while now, but they just started making little "chuckle" sounds. This picture is of Blake on his belly, but he has Graham's hand in his mouth!


Pati said...

Hi Jen

What a great idea! I can't wait until the boys start wrestling each other to get turned over! I'm sure Miss Sophie will be the "ref" for that event!!


Leppardfreak said...

So glad that u decided to do a blog. the kids are so sweet! make sure to get a picutre of Sophie with a chicken bone :):)
love and miss you guys,
the bennett-zell crew

Jennifer Gragg said...

LOVE the new blog! It's so cute & I know you'll love having somewhere to update everyone at once! Plus, it's a great journal to keep for years to come too. I actually print mine off & keep it in a folder so one day years from now I can look back at it (and maybe even get Zoe to check it out). :-) Can't wait for more updates. We'd love to see you guys soon! Take care.

Christy said...