Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun time in the exersaucers

Happy Tuesday! As promised, here are some cute pictures of the boys playing in their exersaucers. Both of these were Sophie's toys, and she loves walking around them playing with the toys while the boys are bouncing.

The first one is Graham and Sophie, the second is Blake, and the third is Blake asleep in the Jumperoo. He loves that Jumperoo! He plays until he wears himself out...this is him catching a quick cat nap between play sessions.

A lady asked me yesterday at church how long it takes me to do Sophie's hair in the morning. I wasn't sure what she meant, but as the conversation went on I realized she assumed I curled her hair with rollers or a curling iron every morning. HA!! Obviously I don't (and wouldn't even if I HAD the time to devote to that), but do moms really do that?? I'm not trying to be a pageant mom or something!! :-) I consider it a huge success if I have a hairbow that matches her outfit!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!


Leann said...

OHHH so cute!!!
and yes there are people that curl their childrens hair EVERYDAY, but of course i am not one of them:)

talk to u soon

Jennifer Gragg said...

I can't believe anyone would think a mother (much less a mother of 3) would take the time daily to curl their toddler's hair! :-) Crazy woman.

Cute pix of the kiddos. We really need to get together soon before they boys are up walking around! Let me know when you've got a free morning, or these days, afternoons work too. :-)

Jen said...

Man, I wish my oldest would fall asleep like that! haha! He will never be that kid that falls asleep eating...he is too ALERT when he is not in his bed. One day I will get to sleep again...I hope! :-)

Jen Plummer