Saturday, February 9, 2008

Poor Edge!

We have two cats: Heidi and Edge. Edge is Sophie's VERY BEST FRIEND. Brent said he went to wake Sophie up the other morning and she was talking to Daddy, but the minute she saw Edge she wanted nothing to do with Daddy! We're chopped liver compared to "kitty"! Well, last night I noticed Edge's eye was almost swollen shut. This morning it looked worse, so Brent took him to the vet. He had an abscessed tooth--the vet had to sedate him and pull his tooth. Poor Edge!! He's at home now and seems to be doing well. Brent is in charge of giving him his medications (both are liquids)--Edge took them like a champ tonight.

GUESS WHO SLEPT IN THEIR CRIBS LAST NIGHT!! Woo hoo!! I put them both in the same crib, but they were spinning around exploring the new space and spent most of the night accidentally beating each other up. They were really restless most of the night, and wanted bottles at 1am. Tonight I put them in separate cribs--I'll be anxious to see how they do. Graham is asleep, but Blake is awake and talking in there. When I carried Sophie into their room this morning, she wanted to climb in their crib with them! Here's a picture of them this morning. So cute!!


Leppardfreak said...
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Leppardfreak said...

Ok sorry i am just hitting buttons left and right. They are so sweet. those little angels.

Christy said...

Awwww! So cute!

Jennifer Gragg said...

Too cute! I'm proud of you for putting them in their cribs. I think it'll work out much better for everyone!

Hope Edge is feeling better soon.