Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Welcome Home Sue!! (& Welcome Home Brandon!!)

My friend Sue had a knee replacement on Friday, and is already home and doing great! Sue is Kelly, Kari & Kris's mom, for those of you who know our friends. She's such a trooper--Kelly said she's getting along great. I'm stopping by her house later today, so hopefully I'll get a chance to peek in on her.

Brandon (Kelly & Roger's son) is home from the Marines for a week! Welcome home Brandon! He got in late last night, and I'm sure he's busy seeing all of his friends already today. He's off to California next week to the base where he'll be stationed, and last I heard would be heading to Iraq soon. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see him while he's home!

The kids are still really sniffly and coughing some. Blake slept in the swing after about 2pm last night. His nose was stuffy and it was making him mad! I ran the Triaminic Flowing Vapors vaporizer for them, and it seemed to help some. I need to stop at Walgreen's tonight and see if they have another scent of medicine--the one I got is cherry mentholatum, and it smells like the worst fake cherry smell you can imagine.

Sophie made her first attempt at crayons today! She loves them--such a natural! She tried to eat them, though, so art time came to an end. She'll try again after she wakes up from her nap.

More pictures in the next day or so. :-)