Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Tuesday!

Brent INSISTS that we go to the Democratic caucus tonight, so Kelly is coming by soon to watch the kids. It should be interesting! Brent is excited--he keeps telling me what a historical event this is for Kansas! Is anyone else participating in this tonight? Or the Republican caucus on Saturday?

I worked at the Wags to Whiskers office this morning, then Laura treated Julie (her new employee) and I to lunch at Olive Garden. We all had the lasagna rollatini they've been advertising--YUMMY! Brent enjoyed the leftovers. :-) Brent worked on child-proofing the cabinets while I was gone, and had a mishap...he drilled through one of the cabinet doors. Oops! He was NOT happy, but with a little wood filler and an electric sander, he got it looking good again!

The kids got baths early today in preparation for Kelly's visit. They love their baths! Graham is pictured in the middle, Blake is on the right.

Happy caucus-ing!


Leppardfreak said...

Jennifer at the caucus??? there are some people going to it in kansas city heck maybe it already happend as you can see i dont keep up with the politcs..the wars at work have started and i just try and stay out around work well better yet at home it is just better that way!

Love the pictures the kids are so sweet.

hugs and kisses

Christy said...

LOVE the pics!!! LOL