Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're ALMOST there...

My goodness...that respiratory bug that's going around is awful! Brent and I are finally feeling somewhat better, and the kids are at the tail-end of the bug, too. I went to work yesterday, and Brent made it to work today. We figured that this past weekend would mark a big turning point for us, but we were pretty miserable all weekend. The worst part for us now is the non-stop coughing when we lay down. Our counter looks like a medicine cabinet--Mucinex, Delsym, Sophie's antibiotics, Graham's ear drops, Baby Vicks, ibuprofen, PediaCare wateress vaporizers (we love these)...it's getting pretty crowded! Please let this be over soon!!

The kids and I had Mom's Carelink this morning at church, and our speaker was a chiropractor talking about things they can do to help families with things like ear infections, colic, autism, etc. Pretty interesting! The best part was they gave chair massages afterwards...awesome!!

We broke out the Jumperoo this weekend to help entertain our cabin-fever crew. Pictures soon!


Jennifer Gragg said...

Glad you're all starting to feel better! Can't wait for more pictures. Take care!

Leann said...

Glad that everyone is starting to feel better. I have been lucky knock on wood. Eric went to the VA today and he has some virus that is lasting 6-8 weeks (thats what teh DR's have noticed) well before they are starting to feel better. OH GREAT i guess i get the couch huh!!

tell Brent hello and kiss the kids

Love u