Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy birthday to meeeee!!

I'm 37 today! I'm celebrating on the blog with you today, because it's a fairly hush-hush event around here. Every time Brent or I mention my birthday, the kids determinedly argue that it's THEIR birthday, not Mommy's. What a bunch of ego-maniacs. :-)

The kids have a play birthday cake set, so the morning started with us "making" a cake for Mommy (...or themselves...). The only good picture I could get is this one of Graham. Inches outside of the frame of this picture, Sophie and Blake are in a full-fledged (kicking, biting, I'll-scratch-your-eyes-out) cat fight over whose cake it is. NOT Mommy's, I assure you. Ahhhhh, motherhood.

On the bright side, Brent picked up doughnuts from Lamar's for breakfast! I had a glazed one--5 Weight Watchers points for anyone counting. :-) Tonight we're going to a hibachi grill for dinner (sans children). Now...what to do between breakfast and dinner?? Maybe I'll see if I can get an hour away to browse around the bookstore...I'll run it by Brent and report back tomorrow...
UPDATE!! Apparently loading the kids full of a sugary breakfast makes them more agreeable! Sophie insisted on "making" Mommy a cake and singing Happy her "friends"...THEN to "Mommy"... :-) This day is looking up!


Mendy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you make it to the bookstore, it's such a calming thing to do! Whatever you do, enjoy YOUR day!

Christy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the video!! How cute is she?!!!

Glad you got my card before the birthday!

Miss you! See you soon!