Friday, June 4, 2010

Brent's outdoor projects & Graham's drum solo

As I've mentioned before, Brent is the handiest husband! Here are a couple of his latest projects.

He had put up the walls to house the trash carts last year, but we wanted something to enclose the air conditioner to keep "little hands" from dropping sticks, rocks, etc. into it and getting hurt. This fence works perfectly! He placed the landscape bricks, mulched the fenced area in and sodded around it.

His next project was putting "rabbit guard" fencing around the garden. We've had bunnies eating the plants--some of them are pretty abused right now, so I'm not sure if they'll produce any veggies or not. You can't see the fence very well, but it looks awesome and will hopefully serve its purpose!

(Side note: We didn't want to put a fence around the garden because we were afraid it would look tacky--think chicken wire here--so I looked for alternatives. One that I read about was taking human or pet hair and placing it around the perimeter of the garden. Apparently rabbits get fearful from the scent of possible predators so they steer clear of that area. Fast forward to the next day where I'm standing in the salon with a sack asking for hair from a slightly startled hairdresser. I took it home and donned rubber gloves to put it around the garden. The whole thing gives me the heebie-jeebies and I will NEVER do that again...)

This morning Graham performed a drum solo for me. His new thing is saying "thank you, thank you" after his performances. Ha!! Where do kids get this stuff?? He's not drumming with his usual vigor in this video, because he's holding a banana in the other hand...


whizo said...

Nice job Brent, looks great. Ringo did a good job too.

amblack said...

my sis in law is a hair stylist and believe it or not, the hair thing....that is something they taught them in school. LOL. They say it works very well. Who knew????

Christy said...

LOVED the drum solo!!! ROFL!