Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GratiTuesday (late again?!)

Late again! Things we're grateful for this week:

  1. My friend Laura loaned us two potty chairs so we could get started on potty training the boys. I'm seriously thinking about starting tomorrow with one of the boys, but we haven't decided which one should be first yet. (Which reminds me...I'd better stop at the store for a bottle of wine...)
  2. VBS was a success! Sophie loved it, and loved coming to work with Mommy in the mornings before heading to the church.
  3. Having a boss that's understanding of juggling a career and small children, so he didn't mind #2 above.
  4. My friend Christy is on a road trip, and we've gotten two postcards from her! The kids love carrying them around and talking about mountains and snow. Fun mail rocks!
  5. Brent's friend and his wife came over for dinner last weekend, and it was a really fun night. The guys haven't seen each other in over 15 years! They had a great time catching up, and his wife and I had a chance to visit. SUPER nice couple!
  6. Air conditioning--in the car and in the house. I can't imagine living without them!


Jen said...

Such a good list!!

Christy said...

:) Did you get the other postcards?! :)

p.s. A.C. is definitely on my list!