Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Happy GratiTuesday! Things we're grateful for this week:

  1. We had a fun day on my birthday--a bike ride with the kids, lunch at McD's (kids' pick), and dinner at Kobe for Brent and I. I didn't make it to Borders, but I'm determined to get there next weekend! Brent PROMISED I could. :-)
  2. The internet! Brent found two buddies that he hasn't seen in years--I sense a couple of fun reunions in our future!
  3. Facebook--it was nice to open my e-mails and see birthday wishes from family and friends. It made me feel warm and fuzzy. :-)
  4. My boss took our office to lunch yesterday--to Gobi Grill, my favorite!
  5. Our first weekend using our new babysitter went great. She watched them Saturday night (Brent and I went to see "Letters to Juliet") and Sunday night (dinner at Kobe), and the kids seemed very relaxed and comfortable when we got home. That puts Mommy's mind at ease!!
  6. Kelly came over for some much-needed "margaritas on the patio" time after I put the kids to bed. I need to schedule "patio" dates with friends more often!!
  7. "Miss Jennifer", Graham's speech therapist. We had our first real lesson time with her last week and Graham LOVED it. He's not very far behind, which is great since he spent so much of his first years not hearing. She doesn't think we'll have to do therapy for very long before he catches up.
  8. The garden is looking great--amazing how well plants do when rabbits aren't eating all of their leaves. Hmmmm.... :-)


Christy said...

Glad to hear the speech therapist had such good report for you! Keep me posted as to what u are working on! :)

Wish I could be there for your patio time. ;)

Jen said...

I wish I could join you for "patio" time too! FUN!! You are so good about updating your blog. I love it! I've been a slacker...must be better about blogging!

We should get together sometime this summer! The boys would LOVE IT!