Monday, June 21, 2010

End of VBS week

Vacation Bible School ended with a grand finale singing performance and family night at the zoo. All of the kids wore their VBS shirts and sat on bleachers to sing. Sophie lasted about 30 seconds before she came and sat on my lap (who knew she could be such a shy thing??), so I'm glad I got a couple of good pictures early in the performance.

Sophie's buddy, Ryan, stayed up there for the whole performance, though. Their teacher (Ryan's mom) Caryn said she had to separate them during story time each day at VBS because they'd talk and giggle, taking each other's shoes off and having a fun time with each other. Cute!!

Sophie's already looking forward to next year, and the boys will be able to go with her!
Speaking of the boys, Sophie and Blake have found a way to get on top of Sophie's dresser. Check out their "stepstool"...a trash can turned upside down with a play drum balancing on top. Oy...


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