Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GratiTuesday (...a little late...)

Graham still hasn't been sleeping well this week, so our schedule is a little off kilter around here. I slept in his bed one night, and my back is still recovering. :-) Here's a picture from the other night when all 3 were in our bed!

Here's our GratiTuesday list for the week (...a little late...)!

  1. Our church is having Vacation Bible School this week, and Sophie is LOVING it! Our friend Caryn is the teacher in her room, so that makes it even better. It's AMAZING how cool the church looks right now--it's a safari theme and they've gone all out with decorating. Every time Sophie walks in to the church, she says "It's a party!", and there really is a festive feel!
  2. The sump pump in our yard (called a "French drain") went out this past weekend, but Brent's super handyman skills saved us. He had to replace the pump and this one is working perfectly.
  3. Our friend Josh came through with awesome Tostito's coupons this week--the kids are in heaven!
  4. Our newest sitter started this week, and she seems to be handling everything well. I can feel my stress level going down a few notches...

Now for a few pictures...first is the cute view I had when they were sitting on the side of the bathtub:

Sophie getting her toes and nails painted in preparation for VBS:

First day of VBS!


Jen said...

woah nelly that is some cute tushies! :-)