Saturday, November 21, 2009

Official Christmas Lighting!

Brent decided tonight would be the grand lighting of his Christmas lights! The kids love them--they were excited. Here are some videos of the "event".

Kids' reaction (you can't see them, but you can hear their reaction...when this video is viewed on my camera, you can see the kids really well. I guess when it's loaded to the computer it's much darker. Bummer!! The sound is cute, though--Sophie was loving it!!):

View of the front of house:

View of the back of house/shed:


Anonymous said...

Overachievers!!! LOL

Christy said...

WOW!!! Great job, Clark! Cousin Eddie and his RV comin' by later? ;-) (I LOVE IT!!)

Jen said...

I was glad you cleared up my confusion of the "fish lights"...ROFL! Hysterical! P.S. You have the coca-cola polar bear in your yard! TOO COOL!