Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday!

Today I am thankful for this post, because I'm really in a "GrouchyTuesday" type of mood. This post makes me flip the switch on my attitude and look at the positives.
  1. I had a CT scan this week to check out the lymph node problem, and the doctor wants to monitor them for another month before he decides if a biopsy is the best course of action. I'm grateful that they aren't growing at a startling rate--and hopeful that it just goes away altogether!

  2. Living on this strict budget is a complete bummer sometimes--Monday I ran out of yummy-smelling lotion, and knew it wouldn't be a justifiable splurge for a while. Unexpectedly, when I got to work that morning, my friend Ronda gave me four bottles of lotion in my FAVORITE scents! WAY too coincidental to be coincidence. Ronda's boss is allergic to the scents, so Ronda had to get rid of them. God is so good!

  3. I'm grateful for Kelly, who watched the kids for me last night so Melissa and I could go to a cookie decorating class. The kids absolutely loved spending time with her!

  4. I'm grateful for Melissa, who is a very patient friend--this cookie decorating class was my gift to her to replace a 'promise' of a cake decorating class from THREE years ago.

  5. I'm grateful to have such an industrious husband, who almost has the Christmas lights on the outside of the house finished! He put a LOT of effort into them, and they're going to look great!!

  6. I'm grateful that anyone still looks at this blog since I've been so lax in updating it. I pinky-swear that I'll post a lot in the upcoming weeks and get some pictures of the kids on here! Here's a cute one of them after their bath the other night. You can tell they're 'winding down' watching TV right before bed:


Christy said...

YAY about the health news... I'll keep praying it's nothing! You have cute kids! The pic was adorable!!! I am excited to see pics of the house once Clark flips the switch! ;-) I'm totally stoked to announce that it is 56 hours to the minute as I type this til New Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you Friday!!!