Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving & GratiThursday!

Happy Thanksgiving!! In honor of the day (and due to the week slipping by me), this is our GratiThursday list for the week:
  1. Health! Last year Blake and I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. Today we're all together as a family and the kids are healthy!
  2. Friday I met up with a group of fabulous ladies to see "New Moon", the new Twilight movie. It was a great day and a great movie! I'm so grateful to Christy for organizing it, Jen & Sarah for being my driving partners, and Meagan and Melissa for welcoming a new friend into the group. It was so much fun!! Here's a picture of our "group":

  3. Dad saved the day again! While in KC with the "movie girls", I met up with Dad to get a new icemaker for the *possessed* refrigerator and parts for the *possessed* dishwasher. Woo hoo! Hopefully these will do the trick. (Dad, can you do anything about a 20-year old TV that's showing spots and rainbows during TV programs?? Does that mean a tube is bad?? Do TVs still HAVE tubes??)
  4. Kelly and Roger got a new couch, and gave us their old love seat! One of their dogs had chewed up the bottom, so I got a chance to try my hand at furniture repair. Here's the before and after--not too shabby, eh?? :-)

  5. My friend Kim, who is always willing to share when she has an abundance.
  6. My friend Brooke, who invited Brent and I to join their Small Group (Home Team) for our church. Since our church is so big, the church encourages Home Teams to meet during the month so you have a smaller group to feel connected to.
  7. My friend Sharon and her kids, who watched the kids while I went to our first Home Team event (Brent was working, but will hopefully join us next time!!). The kids had a BLAST at her house, but I'm pretty sure they traumatized the poor guinnea pig. When I saw it, it looked like it needed a little valium... Also, Blake tried to eat a small gourd from their Fall display... (I wonder if Sharon will ever invite us back??) :-) She fed them dinner, and was surprised by how much they could eat! HA!! I told you, they can attack some groceries...I promise I feed them at home. :-)
  8. My friend Fran, who invited us to have Thanksgiving dinner with her family today. We're looking forward to it!


Christy said...

It was a GREAT day!!! Soooo fun! Glad you were able to come see New Moon with us!!! (Even if you still spent some of your time cleaning up after someone's spill... we won't name names but her initials are Meagan Black... HAHA)

That furniture repair job you did is amazing! How did u do that?!

Jen said...

So fun and so glad you came along! The ride there and back was fun and emotional but none-the-less, fun! It was a great day!

And seriously, how did you fix that couch?!?! AMAZING!!!

The five of us: Brent, Jennifer, Sophie, Blake & Graham said...
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The five of us: Brent, Jennifer, Sophie, Blake & Graham said...

Thanks for the couch compliments, ladies! I cut up one of the throw pillows that came with the couch (I wanted to make some new ones anyway). Then I used a curved needle and did a little surgery! I've got mad skills, didn't you know?! :-)

Jen said...

That is STELLAR!