Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy post-Election Day!

Aren't you glad it's over?? I've not said much about the election (I don't feel qualified to throw my two cents around), but I'm so glad to have yesterday behind us! Maybe our phone will stop ringing with all of the political recordings? Some of the most intelligent, successful people we know had passionately opposing opinions on which candidate was the best choice. I've never had more desire to host a dinner party and let them duke it out.
:-) Our own "town hall debate"--Stiles style! Nothing fancy--just BBQ and two podiums. Brent admits that he probably would have been the most opinionated guest there, though, so it's probably better that the party never happened. :-)

Blake has a new tooth! Another top one--that makes four on bottom and three on top!


Jen said...

Man, that would have been fun to hear about...haha!

Christy said...

Mad Max style... two go in, one comes out! YEAH!!!