Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend with the sick kids

Sophie continued to run a high fever through the weekend, then started throwing up. Blake started running a high fever on Saturday, and also started throwing up. Graham hasn't ever run much of a fever, but not to be outdone by brother and sister...joined in and started throwing up. Our carpet shampooer has gotten quite a workout this weekend! Ick, ick, ick. I'm going to call the doctor this morning to see if there's anything we can do. I'm staying home from work today so our sitter Leslie doesn't take some nasty virus home to her family for Thanksgiving. I think Brent is silently thanking God that he's worked all weekend! We have a big quilt that we use for picnics spread out on the living room carpet, and here's a picture of Blake and Sophie napping together yesterday afternoon.

Let me backtrack and give an update on Friday night--Brent and I went to the hoe-down and had a BLAST! It was at a barn owned by a church member. We had a BBQ dinner (from Hog Wild--so good!) then got into groups to learn square dancing. It was so much fun! The only downside to the evening was that I wasn't dressed warmly enough--they had kerosene patio heaters set up, so I had to "defrost" every now and then. A former MAPS mom was there taking pictures, so I'll post some when I get them from her. We also won the grand door prize--a night's stay at a bed & breakfast in Yoder! I couldn't believe it! Now...who wants to volunteer to stay with the kids so we can redeem it?? Anyone??...(crickets chirping)...Hello??....(chirp, chirp, chirp)...Is this thing on??...

Then to add to my good fortune, Saturday morning my friend Melissa snuck me away for breakfast. She knew I had a long weekend of "sick baby" duty ahead of me, and wanted me to have a little break and a good breakfast. We went to the Copper Oven, which was fantastic. I had a philly steak scramble (honestly, can anything be paired with scrambled eggs and considered a breakfast dish?) with a cranberry muffin, and great cup of "Angel Lace Cookie" coffee. I'm going to attempt to recreate the philly steak dish at home--it was soooo good. My mouth is watering as I write this!

Now, back to reality and the sick kiddos. Graham is the only one awake so far, and feels awfully warm. He's sitting here drinking his bottle and staring off into space. Blake and Sophie are still sleeping (this is over an hour past their normal wake-up time), and I'm going to let them sleep until they wake up on their own. Please pray for healing around this place!


Jennifer Gragg said...

Yikes! Sending healing thoughts your way!!! Sick kiddos are the worst. :-(

Jen said...

Ucky Poo! At least they are getting it out of the way before the big Thanksgiving feast...they will surely be HUNGRY by the time Thursday rolls around. I feel for you! Good luck on getting a sitter for a weekend getaway! FUN FUN! If I lived closer I would totally do it for you!