Monday, November 10, 2008

Graham's eardrum

Poor Graham--his eardrum ruptured! I was taking him out of the bathtub tonight and getting him ready for bed, and green ick started pouring out of his ear. He hasn't been acting like anything's been bothering him, so it was a total surprise! All three of them have had runny noses for a day or so (and Blake feels like he has a little fever tonight), but nothing indicated that Graham was having such trouble. I called the doctor and she reassured me that he probably feels much better now that it ruptured, and to call her office first thing tomorrow morning to get him in to see her. He feel right to sleep, and never did cry about it or anything. (Then why do I feel like a terrible mom that might have missed a sign that he was having trouble???)

Sophie had a terrible night last night--she wouldn't go to sleep until after 11pm, then woke up several times during the night screaming for us. I finally grabbed a blanket and curled up with her in her tiny little bed. My back feels like it's in knots today, but by golly--she finally slept! Those nights won't be so rough once we move her up to a full-size bed, but this toddler bed with its itty-bitty mattress is torture. :-)

I'll let you know what the doctor says tomorrow!


Christy said...

A lot of times the signs are hard to read at that age. You are an excellent momma! He couldn't have told you what was bothering him and they don't always pull at their ears. Camden has ear infection right now and so does my para... it is going around apparently. You'll mostly have to worry about this time of year and an ear infection... it could be a longer recovery because of the cold weather. Good luck!

Jen said...

Did you read my blog?! I'm a terrible mom too! Don't feel happens to even the best moms!! Just be thankful he hasn't been in so much pain that he was cranky all the kiddo never gave me any indication either!! Ugh...colds/infections, suck! I hope he is doing ok and on some meds to clear it up!

Jennifer Gragg said...

Ouchy! Hope they're all feeling better now!