Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas tree is up, decorated and twinkly! We decided to try to have a Christmas picture taken at home this year to put with our Christmas cards, so Brent wanted to go ahead and put the tree up a little early. Brent got the furniture moved around and the tree put up while the kids and I were at Bible study, then we decorated it last night. I'm so glad we did--it looks great! The kids love it and they can't stop looking at it. We have a gate around it to keep "little hands" from touching it--I'll post pictures soon.

Tomorrow is our last MAPS session for the semester, but the kids and I will unfortunately miss it. I'm scheduled for a CT scan in the morning to see if they can figure out my mystery pain. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday was my Bible study group's turn to work with the kids in the nursery during our normal class time. My friend Shanee and I teamed up and did craft and song time together. The craft was a long piece of paper that the kids spread glue on with foam "brushes", then sprinkled colored sand on to symbolize all of Abraham's descendants. It was a neat idea, but a MESS! I have such an appreciation for teachers!!