Monday, November 3, 2008

Lots of weekend pictures

The kids had a fun Halloween, and the boys have an uncanny ability to dig through a bucket of candy to find the suckers. Here are a few pictures of the weekend!

The kids opening their Halloween cards from Grandma & Grandpa Schuler:

We went to Melissa's office first, then to the bank. Graham really wanted to share his sucker!

Kelly made them each treat bags full of candy and Easy Mac. HA!! They love Easy Mac!!

While the kids napped after their sugar buzz, Brent carved pumpkins--with his power tools. :-) He says this is the way he plans to do it every year from now on! It has a bit of a learning curve, though--notice the pumpkin in the middle is missing an eyeball, and the one on the left should be a big smile with teeth...we got a good laugh over those!

Time for trick-or-treating!

We went to Exploration Place over the weekend to check out their children's area. It was just what we'd been looking for! With the weather getting cooler, I've been looking for somewhere to take the kids to play. They have a water station with bathtub toys, a play kitchen, a Lego table and train tables. The section that we played in is for ages 3 and under, so the toys are geared towards their size and age. The steps are wide and shallow, and the boys loved climbing up and down them. They had it figured out in no time!

Here's a video of the kids playing in the water!

We spent some time in the main exhibit areas, too. They have an aviation exhibit that's permanent (we are the Air Capitol of the World!), and two traveling exhibits--one on the human body and one on POOP. Seriously.

Brent had fun playing the flight simulation games in the aviation exhibit.

This is a video of the wall in the aviation room. The entire wall is covered with tiny metal discs, and the tower holds two high-powered fans. You can "steer" the wind to see changes in wind currents. (This is only a small portion of this wall--it's huge! Notice the girl at the bottom of the screen--that gives you an indication of the wall's height.) Cool stuff!


Jen said... picture of the poop exhibit...I'm disappointed...sigh...haha! Looks like you guys had fun!

Jennifer Gragg said...

We love playing at EP too! Love the kids' Halloween pix. They're so adorable!

Christy said...

Sounds like fun! Love to see it some time!... re: poop exhibit... you went from mentioning the poop to saying, "Brent loved playing in..." and I was so worried I was going to see the word "poop"... hahaha!