Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CT results

I got the results of the CT scan--everything checked out normal! I breathed a huge sigh of relief when they called. I was worried sick about it. That still doesn't solve the mystery of what's causing my pain, but we'll wait until after the first of the year to look into it further (and hopefully it will be gone by then?!).

God has quite a sense of humor...now the CATS are throwing up. Ha! Is He testing me?! Sophie is pretty much back to normal, but is really sleepy. I'm sure her body is recuperating. Graham stopped throwing up and hasn't run a fever today. Blake is another story--his fever was 103 today, and he hasn't eaten much at all today. The doctor sent us to the urgent care office tonight to have some blood drawn. She wanted to check his electrolyte levels, which were pretty out of whack. They told us to force as many fluids into him as we could tonight, and let them know how he's doing tomorrow. Poor guy, he just curls up into a ball and sleeps wherever he is. You know, as I write this I'm wondering...do kids this small get mono? Maybe I need to ask the doctor about it tomorrow. They're all unusually sleepy.

More tomorrow--hopefully I'll be telling you "the kids are all better"!!


Jennifer Gragg said...

I'm so glad your CT results were normal, though I'm still sorry you're having pains. I'll continue to keep you in my prayers. And your kiddos too. Poor babies.

Jen said...

I think it is fairly normal that they are sleepy when they are sick and/or recooperating. I'm guessing they are fine. :-) Still, doesn't hurt to ask. I'm sure you and Brent are EXHAUSTED! You'll surely zonk after eating any amount of turkey tomorrow! Sorry to hear about the cats...that sucks! Glad your CT came back normal, hopefully they can figure out what is going on with your pain.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Looking forward to some more pictures of the kiddos...they are so stinkin' cute...even when they are sick! ;-)