Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waffle Vultures

Can't a guy eat a waffle in peace?! Apparently not. (In their defense, they are homemade waffles, so who can blame them?!)

One of the funny things about the above picture is that Blake is wearing pink princess Pullups! He shows an interest in potty training, but the pink Pullups we have are the ones with "cool alert" which gets chilly when wet. The blue Pullups don't have that feature, and I thought it might help him get the "wet" sensation. So, Sophie wears the blue Pullups when we leave the house since she doesn't need the "cool alert" anymore. Even funnier is before this picture was taken, I had both Blake and Graham running around in Sophie's Elmo panties...DOES THIS HAVE GENDER IDENTITY ISSUE WRITTEN ALL OVER IT?! Call SRS--my mothering skills need some sharpening!

On the way home from work today, I ran by the bread outlet store and picked up the following:

12 loaves of Sara Lee Soft & Smooth bread AND a bag of 6 "deli" blueberry bagels...all for $10.62! The bread was on sale for $.75/loaf! (As a comparison, Iron Kids bread was on sale for $1/loaf--which is SUPER cheap, too.) We love this bread, but I'm lucky to find it at the grocery store for $2/loaf. We go through almost a loaf each day, so I put loaves in the deep freeze and pull out a new loaf each day. They freeze perfectly (double bag them and get as much air out as you can--you'll never even know they were frozen)! Super deal, eh?! If you have a bread store near you, I highly recommend checking it out.


Christy said...

I LOVE Sara Lee bread! It lasts longer than your average loaf (for those of us single folks who take a lot longer to go thru bread)... plus it tastes GREAT! You ROCK the bargains, girl! I wish we lived closer to shop together!!!

Leann said...

sara lee bread is the best!!! and no u cant eat in peace, but my question is can u go to the bathroom in peace????????